My Yoga Story

When I started working full-time, in my early twenties sitting at desk in front of a computer for 8 hours per day 5 days per week, I developed LOTS of neck and back pain. I needed help – enter yoga. My church had a small yoga class that met every Wednesday night taught by Susan Daly. I decided to give it a go, even though I knew virtually nothing about yoga. I was NOT particularly flexible, even for a young 20 something woman, but after a few classes I was hooked…completely. First, my neck and back started to feel much better and maybe even more significantly, I started to feel much better on the inside. This began my yoga journey. Fast forward to December 2007…

I was in a small plane crash. Yes, you did read that correctly. My husband and my newly pregnant self completely demolished a single engine Mooney in Sarasota, Florida. This is where my yoga (and acupuncture) were really put to the test. After the crash I was riddled with intense pain and even the simple motion of cat & cow was nearly impossible. It was with LOTS of breath, patience and diligence that my practices of yoga, breath and acupuncture put me back together. Since I was 5 weeks pregnant, with my now healthy daughter, pain medication and traditional western medicine were simply NOT an option (for me). Honestly, I’m not sure what I would have done had it not been for the pregnancy. All I know for sure, is that I am incredibly grateful for yoga, as it really did help put me back together again.

Yoga has had such an impact on me that I wanted to share it on a bigger scale so I started Be Yoga & Wellness on East Blvd., Charlotte, NC in 2010. We opened our second location in South Charlotte in 2012. Be Yoga has literally touched and changed the lives of thousands & thousands of people.

Yoga has gifted me with steadiness, ease, strength and deeper inner knowing. I enjoy sharing it both with the seasoned yogi and with the brand new (I don’t even know what down dog is) student.

My style in the yoga classroom is compassionate, fun, spiritual and breath focused. I primarily teach deep stretch, restorative and slow flow. I love guiding people deeper into their own internal knowing and wisdom with a balance of serious and playful energies.

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